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    The passion by the word

Publisher, journalist, writer... Accurate adjectives, yet not enough to describe Cristina Pacheco, who has turned her love for words into a vocation and her main occupation for more than twenty years.

All this time, her work has been in newspapers, magazines, radio and television, in which she has developed with such a good star, that has been honored with thirty-eight awards that acknowledge her outstanding career.

Chronicler of the Mexican daily life and cultural activity, Cristina is an intelligent and sensitive interviewer capable of unraveling the depths of the souls that trustfully share their stories with her. Restless narrator and story knitter, Cristina Pacheco was born in San Felipe, Guanajuato, but has lived in Mexico City since she was a little girl. She worked as an editor for the paperback series Contenido, as a corrector for the magazine Revista de la Universidad de México, as well as for Sábado, the cultural section of the newspaper Unomásuno. She has also collaborated with prestigious publications such as the newspapers El Sol de México and El Día, and the magazine Siempre!; her "Mar de historias" in the newspaper La Jornada, has been published every Sunday since 1986.

We heard her voice on radio in XEQ AM, on the programs Voz pública and Los dueños de la noche; on XEW AM, in the program Aquí y ahora and on Radio Fórmula, in the programs Los amos de la noche and Periodismo y algo más, which is still on the air up to date.

Regarding her work in television, she was a reporter for the evening news and weekly series Séptimo Día, on Channel 13, where she also carried out a set of conversations with the writer Renato Leduc. Since 1977 she is part of Canal Once, where she has worked as a commentator in the program Así fue la semana, and as host in De todos modos Juan te llamas, weekly series of conversations with the writer Juan de la Cabada. At present, she is the host of the programs The Place Where We Were Meant To Live and Conversing, With Cristina Pacheco, which have turned into a living testimony of our country’s culture and lifestyles.

Apart from that, her work as a writer is so plentiful that includes fifteen titles amongst her narrative labor, like Para vivir aquí, Cuarto de azotea and Zona de desastre, along with other books as Crónica, La rueda de la fortuna, and diverse volumes of interviews, out of which Orozco, iconografía personal, Los dueños de la noche, and La luz de México, excel.

Cristina Pacheco is a woman of deeds who has found in words a reason to live; chronicler of a country rich in expressions and of the people who inhabit it. She is an overwhelming narrator because of her intelligence, as well as her passion for journalism, art, culture and, mainly, for life.

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